The Law Office of Jean Christensen LLLC

Full-Service Consumer Bankruptcy Firm Serves All Hawaiian Islands

Honolulu Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Individuals and Couples Seeking Debt Relief

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, The Law Office of Jean Christensen LLLC assists individuals and married couples in obtaining debt relief under chapter 7 and chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, as well as through alternatives to bankruptcy.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Bankruptcy Attorneys?

Solid representation – Our mission is to provide expert representation with compassion, care, respect, and a keen appreciation of the unique circumstances of each bankruptcy client we represent.

Honest assessment – After a free consultation, we provide a candid assessment of whether bankruptcy is the most appropriate course of action and, if so, which chapter of bankruptcy would be most advantageous.

Accessibility – We pride ourselves on superior client communication and involvement. When questions or concerns arise, an attorney is always accessible by phone or e-mail to address them in the timeliest manner possible.

Workable solutions – We serve the debt relief issues of those in Honolulu and across all the Hawaiian Islands, and are knowledgeable regarding the many issues involved in bankruptcy:

  • Exempt and non-exempt assets – the property you may have to give up and the property you may be allowed to keep in a bankruptcy case
  • 341 meeting – the mandatory meeting of creditors, the petitioner, and the bankruptcy trustee, who conducts the meeting
  • Automatic stay – an injunction that halts debt collection efforts by creditors
  • Creditor harassment – when a debtor files for bankruptcy, creditors are forbidden from harassing them to collect a debt
  • Discharge – the cancellation or forgiveness of a debt
  • Bankruptcy and your mortgage – in most cases you won't lose your home in bankruptcy
  • Garnishment – money or property being seized to satisfy a debt
  • Repossession – Forced or voluntary surrender of purchased merchandise to its owner or seller by its buyer, due to his inability to pay
  • Foreclosure defense – legal strategy employed by homeowners to stop their homes from being foreclosed
  • Life after bankruptcy – although bankruptcy is stressful, it can also provide a financial fresh start

Hawaii Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Resolve Financial Issues with Compassion

If you are looking for comprehensive legal guidance and personal service from a Hawaii attorney who understands how emotionally difficult filing for bankruptcy can be, give us a call. The Law Office of Jean Christensen LLLC is here to give you informed, caring, and solid legal representation as you obtain debt relief. Contact our firm online or call 808-521-1202 today to schedule your free initial consultation.